5 Misquotes On Fitness

November 30, 2020 

Quotes that motivate us have been going around Facebook and other social media platforms for a very long time now. And, obviously most of them are about fitness, as we all know how challenging following a diet and a workout routine can be. Here’s a list of my favorite top 5 quotes that have been driving me insane.

1. For the one who just can’t get started “You don’t have to be great to get started, you have to get started to be great.” Finding reasons such as ‘I won’t be able to lift those weights’ or ‘I won’t survive an hour on the treadmill because I’m not fit enough to exercise’ are just lame reasons to not get out of your comfort zone.

My suggestion: Ignore that persistent voice in your head. Make friends with a fellow member, the receptionist, or a trainer. Make it a point to leave your comfort zone and leave the rest to the experts.


2. For the ones who don’t want a come back “If you’re tired of starting all over again, then don’t quit.” As a fitness professional I could write a book on the number of excuses and reasons I hear from people as to why they don’t want to try again after an undesirable experience which made them quit. A long list of reasons which stretch from their home to the gym include things such as – work pressures, failed attempts, injuries, etc. The list goes on.

My suggestion: Do not quit in the first place. If something means a lot to you, then it deserves to be the number one priority in life. This is your body and it should be cared for. Just like other priorities, you need to make time for it.


3. For the women, who want it all but can’t give their all “Train like a man, look like a Goddess” Although the mindset has been changing lately, there are still a few women who want to look like a Goddess but are not willing to do what it takes to reach there. Pink and green color weights that resemble cucumbers in size won’t get you anywhere; neither will an over doze of group class activities. Women! If you want to look hot, you got to lift and train like a man. Rephrase: You need to lift weights. Period! Muscles shape a body, unfortunately women gain muscle at a very slow rate as compared to men.

My suggestion: Involve at least 3 days of challenging weight training exercises and spend the other 3 days with your favorite cardio or group classes.


4. For those who wish Aladdin’s magic lamp would do the trick “You don’t get what you wish for; you get what you work for.” Watching your favorite actor/athlete and wishing you would look like that, but not willing to move even a muscle; will only leave you back on that sofa where you’ve been planning your New Year’s resolution all these years.

My suggestion: Prepare a set of small goals! Goal number #1 – find a gym close to your office. Don’t buy a pair of jeans two sizes smaller to motivate you.


5. For those who mistake the health club for a relaxation spa “Train with purpose or don’t train at all.” Just because you spend exorbitantly on a personal trainer, a fancy gym and gym wear, doesn’t mean you are going to see results. People who visit the gym to socialize make me cringe. Figure your fitness goals. Plan your next set while you are resting between sets.

My suggestion: Take help from a fitness professional, learn about your body and chart a map for it to reach the goal. And, don’t wander off it