The Power of Vision

November 30, 2020

Even as the COVID-19 crisis continues to create a world of uncertainty, the goal must be to rebuild for the longer term. The pandemic is fueling a wave of grief and loss that threatens to derail leaders and hurt organizations.

 Yet when addressed well, grief can be a creative force that turns loss into inspiration. Companies and Institutions that are strong and resilient will be better placed to survive and prosper. Those are qualities that can’t be taken for granted; they need to be cultivated.

A vision provides clarity and eliminates the distractions that lead you into activities that drain your time and energy. We all know the bible verse: “Write your vision down and make it plain.” At Dimensions, we are bound by a shared vision to create a Christian Business Community with unlimited prosperity. This along with our mission and guiding values provides us a sense of direction.

It is believed that having goals with a focused action plan have helped individuals, groups, companies and even countries achieve success. Going forward, a set of specific and measurable objectives for our different chapters will help us review our progress regularly and course correct as we arrive at our destination.

We would need to track chapter performance through targets for attendance, one-to-ones conducted, referrals generated, visitors invited for our events and thank you notes exchanged for completed business. This will help us define, achieve, recognize and celebrate accomplishment.

We will organize leadership training and educational programs for our members for conducting productive and engaging meetings, facilitating quality one-to-ones through an effective sales pitch, giving quality referrals that open up a world of possibilities as well as attracting visitors that offer us business opportunities and the potential of joining Dimensions as committed members. 

We are also exploring the possibility of creating and offering a Signature Incubation Program (SIP) to build, connect and grow Christian Entrepreneurs (Youth and Others) which is our primary mission at Dimensions. The program will provide education to the budding entrepreneurs to develop the right mindset and skill sets that will help them move from ideation to execution.


If done well, we will be able to achieve a win-win-win for the Entrepreneur, for the Investor and for our Dimensions members who will provide the entrepreneur the required advisory services in terms of branding, coaching, finance, insurance, legal, valuation, etc.


There are many challenges and difficulties on the path to any worthwhile vision, and as leaders we need to have a far broader set of competencies and a sense of commitment to draw people forward and keep our teams aligned through the everyday realities and travails that underlie real achievement.


In the words of Joel Barker, “Vision without action is merely a dream; Action without vision just passes the time; Vision with action can change the world.” Let us work together to make great things come to be.