“Tough Times Don’t Last, But Tough People Do”

November 30, 2020

I love to use this analogy quite often, …. Yes, the times we are facing is quite unprecedent and the future seems gloom, yet this statement gives us the hope that there is a brighter tomorrow.

We deal with the Hotel Industry and it is the most affected among the businesses as the Travel & Tourism Industry is the first to be hit and will not rebound till at least over 3-6 Months, however with my past experiences there is always hope, after every major calamity the industry bounces back with full vigour and more investments pour in to renovate or build newer properties…. We continue to live with the hope.

Having said this, we are faced with the challenge of keeping our team together, remunerated, motivated, and challenging to think out of the box. When we faced the Lockdown blocking any business transactions both Domestically and Internationally, we decided to engage our teams to undertake various trainings both inhouse (technical trainings via Zoom) and external (Online learning portals, and trainings) we went to the extent of doing trainings on Excel formulas, Google Forms, Sheets, basically ensure the team is well equipped with the skills needed to face the new challenges and to keep them focused and not allow them to think it is a holiday to relax. Our Zoom meetings were practically every day for 3-4 hrs.

As the leader of the organisation, I am trying my best to maintain calm and to ensure my mind doesn’t waver, I hear motivating talks on Leadership and positive mindset, infact during this lockdown we are not allowed to walk around our complex so my morning walk is in the Balcony, I plug my earphones, hear great talks, Walk an hour and half and manage to complete 7-8K Steps every day, keeps me charged the full day.

In this period of uncertainties that is plaguing the minds of entrepreneurs, the most Positive Outlook for our company is the financial stability which will help us weather the storm. This was possible only because we didn’t remove the profits from the company over the years and this accumulated profits is giving us the confidence that we will be able to keep our staff remunerated and get ready for the better times to come.

My advice to entrepreneurs has always been, ensure you take monthly Salary and do not withdraw all the profits from the business. We hope and Pray that all Diamonds will weather this storm and come out victorious.





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